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Villa psychological impact of color

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The day before yesterday my college students to find me a cup of tea, a meeting he quipped: He is not nothing goes to the temple, and he's looking for me to help him villa design plan. I laughed and asked him, now Jiaotusanku, I do not know where you live ...... his subtle smile down on me tea.

The villa is located in his five backtrack near Huaihai Road Shanghai, is the original French-built, old house belonging to the garden-house, this set of old houses built in the early 1920s of the last century, nearly 100 years ago, and a brick structure, according to the old house renovation practices must first be reinforced handle, then spatial planning, taking into account factors sunlight, air, water, and finally villa design style, color, furnishings and other issues. This is a renovated old house villa design law must be followed.

Because it is the students, I also designed and decorated in European style villa community fought for 10 years, newspapers and magazines published articles about the villa decor are many cases, he told me I have a better understanding, at school often explore Chronicles Features Mingju building renovation, and there is to know I worked at renowned Shanghai Shanghai villa decoration products company in Iraq, so I say to him, is the golden rule, he is toe. Of course, my villa design concept is rooted in architectural aesthetic principles on the basis of art based on environmental science, combined with 10 years of design villas, villas and decorating experience, low carbon environmental protection, new materials science reasonable use to European villas the actual project design and decoration of style.

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